Joint Restoration & Replacement Center

The many joints of the human skeletal system are a marvel of low-friction movement. Some of the joints, especially the hip, knee and shoulder are prone to injury and disease. The board-certified orthopedic surgeons at North Canyon Orthopedics have many years of experience and training in the management of arthritis and joint disease. From partial and total joint replacement of the Hip, Knee and Shoulder to the newest effective joint preservation interventions, they are available at North Canyon Orthopedics.

Hip Replacements

Dr Anderton and Dr Grooms both have extensive experience and training to offer the latest techniques: the muscle-sparing and minimally invasive approaches for hip replacement include the superior approach (Dr Grooms), and the anterior approach (Dr Anderton). These newer approaches may result in less pain, less blood loss, faster return of function, shorter hospital stay and lower risk of dislocation after surgery. Most patients walk hundreds of feet the day of surgery and return home the following day or even the same day of surgery!

Total and Partial Knee Replacements

Dr Grooms and Dr Anderton offer the latest improvements including; the muscle-sparing approaches to the knee, the subvastus and midvastus approaches, the tourniquet-less knee replacement and gap balancing. These newer techniques may decrease pain after surgery, improve range of motion and stair-climbing, decrease bruising and allow faster return of muscle strength over traditional knee replacement surgery.

Shoulder Replacement and Reconstruction

Dr Grooms has extensive experience in total shoulder and reverse total shoulder replacement surgeries. These surgeries are rapidly increasing in popularity as more patients find out that their shoulder pain and loss of motion can be very successfully treated.

In addition, for the younger patient with unrepairable rotator cuff tears, the relatively new Superior Capsular Reconstruction, which is all done arthroscopically, offers great advantages by dramatically decreasing pain and restoring motion without resorting to joint replacement.